October 1980


Published in the October 2000 issue of Naval Aviation News
Author & Photographer: Unknown

 In 1954 the F11F-1 Tiger introduced a new shape to high-performance aircraft design, he "coke bottle" fuselage. A special version of the Tiger (F11F-1F) set altitude speed records, flying to over 76,000 feet and at more than 1,300 miles per hour.

Air show visitors across the country have been thrilled by the Tiger's performance in the hands of the Navy's precision flight team, the Blue Angels. The team commenced operations in 1946 with the F6F, and flew Grumman aircraft for the next 22 years.

The F11F-1 Tigers's performance was suited to the Blue Angels' requirements and served them for 10 years. The Blues fly is tight formation as they salute the Statue of Liberty in New York Habor.

Blue Alumni Association Notes:

The photo to the left was not in the original article. This was made by Grumman, if you at the drawing you can see what they are talking about Coke Bottle shape.