Published in the March 1962 issue of Naval Aviation News
Photographer & Author Unknown

Reorganized and refreshed after a winter training period at Pensacola, the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration team prepared for a new season with a new leader and two new additions to the team.

Installed as Officer-in-Charge of the team 16 January is LCdr. Ken Wallace, who was elevated to the Number One position after two tours of flying in the #4 slot in the Angels' famous diamond formation.

Cdr. Zebulon Knott, who led the team through the 1959-60-61 seasons, was ordered to report to the West Coast as C.O. of Attack Squadron 153, NAS Lemoore. Cdr. Knott's tour reached a peak in 1961 when the Blues participated in almost 80 official demonstrations as part of Naval Aviation's 50th Anniversary celebration.

Once described as having flown "more time in the slot position than many pilots log in a whole career." LCdr. Wallace flew with the team from 1953 to 1956, returned in 1960 for his second tour. Number Four position in the formation is regarded as the most demanding position from a pilot's standpoint.

Flying right wing in the four-plane formation of F11F Tigers with the slot will be Capt. Doug McCaughey, Marine representative, starting his third season with the team. The Number Three position, left wingman, will be flown by newcomer Lt. George Neale, an F8U Crusader pilot in VF-174 and VF-84 prior to assignment to the Angels.

Flying the slot this year will be Lt. Dan McIntyre, who flew the 1961 season as one of the solo Angels.

Solo performances for the new season will be flown by Lt. Lew Chatham, a holdover from last season, and new team member Lt. Dick Langford, a Crusader pilot who made two deployments with the USS F. D. Roosevelt prior to reporting to the team.

The Angels come and go, but the Navy's Blue Angels flight exhibition team rolls on, entertaining more than a million spectators at 30 air shows across the nation in the past 16 months.

LCdr. Ken Wallace

Lt. Lew Chatham

Lt. George Neale