March 1956

CORPUS CHRSTI 1942 - 1956

Published in the March 1956 issue of Naval Aviation News
Photographer & Author Unknown

 The March of Time was measured off at NAX Corpus Christi by the disappearance of old planes, and the appearance of new ones. When VO type planes were taken off battleships and cruisers, all VO training stopped, and in March 1949 the OS2U's were retired. Jet training commenced in the Advanced Training Command in mid 1949 when the first TO-1's, Lockheed Shooting Stars, reach Corpus Christi.

That same year the Blue Angels, Flight Demonstration Team, moved into jets, and their home was changed from Pensacola to Corpus Christi.

After the Korean War hiatus, reactivation of the Blue Angels in late 1951 found them flying at Corpus Christi, this time in F9F-5's. They remained at the Texas base until July 1955, when they moved, in their F9F-8 Cougars to Sherman Field, Pensacola.