Published in the October 1946 issue of Naval Aviation News
Photographer & Author Unknown

A team of pilots formed in Advanced Training Command has been touring the country thrilling the public at air shows and teaching novice fighter pilots in airborne classes.

Demonstrations have been made in F6F's, although the team recently changed to F8F's. During the performance a member of the unit announces what is going on over a loudspeaker system. An R4D loaded with equipment and men followed.

At each performance, the pilots make low-altitude precision maneuvers over the airport. Three of the four planes fly tight formation while another lingers close-by as a "spare". Following the section tactics at low-altitude, comes the "punch" act.

A fifth member of the team flies an SSJ painted up with the "Rising Sun". He makes attacks on the group, which uses teamwork employed during the war to "shoot down" the plane.

Climaxing the show, the SNJ is seen to appear afire as the pilot detonates a smoke bomb and releases a dummy, which is parachuted to earth. The plane then wobbles off toward the horizon and the F6F's return to the field. The LANCERS participated in the Denver Air Exposition and Cleveland Air Races.


Photo 1: Pilots of the exhibition team tell public shat they will see.

Photo 2: Hellcats soar overhead as smoking "Zek" heads home.

Photo 3: Dummy drops out of "enemy" plane.

Photo 4: Team of fighter exhibition pilots flies formation for various air shows.

Photo 5: Was not part of the article it show what the SNJ looks like.

This photo was not part of the article.

Note: This was before the name Blue Angels was announced and the Base CO wanted the name the Lancers who was in charge of the Publicly. To read more about this go to Capt. Butch Voris.