CAG-5 Cdr. R. M. "Butch" Voris

Published in the January 1959 Issue of Naval Aviation News
Author & Photographer: Unknown


All VF-51 pilots, led by Cdr. W. C. Blattman and CAG-5, Cdr. R. M. "Buch" Voris, qualified in carrier landings aboard USS Ranger. The squadron's maintenance crew maintained eight F11F-1 Tiger jets during the carrier qualifications.

Miramar's Screaming Eagles are shown left to right:

Front row:
Lt. H. F. Hoare, Lt. N. L. Bausch, LCdr. H. H. Cserta, Cdr. Blattman, Cdr. Voris, LCdr. S. L. Jaynes, Ens. D. L. Arnold, LCdr. A. D. Caine, and Ltjg. E. D. Nielsen;

Back row:
Ltjg. R. H. Garwood, Ltjg. S. T. Clinton, Ltjg. T. L. Curry, Ltjg. R. D. Bate, Ltjg. T. L. Rhoades,
Lt. J. L. Berry, Ltjg. J. T. Gillett, Ltjg. R. J. Johnson, Ltjg. D. L. Harvey, and Lt. J. Q. Gallagher (MC).


The Blue Angels Alumni Association added the following comments:

CAG is the Commanding Officer of the Air Group. Cdr. Butch Voris choose one of the F11F-1 Tigers as his aircraft and had the traditional "00" painted on the nose.