Published in the August 1958 issue of Naval Aviation News
Photographer & Author Unknown

Pilots attached to the ship's company of the USS Saratoga have made good use of the ship's TF-1 aircraft to maintain their carrier-based flight proficiency. In port or out, at anchor or underway, "the Gray Ghost of the Med Coast" is usually in the air.

Radm. Clifford C. Cooper, ComCarDiv Six, took advantage of the versatile TF when, in Genoa, he flew to a conference in Nice with Vadm. C. R. Brown, Commander Sixth Fleet. Capt. W. E. Ellis, Chief of Staff to Adm. Cooper, and Saratoga's Commanding Officer, Capt. A. R. Matter, are also members of the "Sara's Cat and Catch at Anchor TF Club."

Although the ship has visited only five ports since arriving in the Mediterranean, the Sara's assigned TF has an impressive list of places visited painted on its Fighting Cock-adorned cowling, including a number of air terminals visited during last fall's NATO cruise.

The TF has been used for many duties. In cross service operations with the British Navy, the TF has several times been engaged in the arresting gear of the British carriers, HMS Ark Royal and Eagle.

 In the picture shown are from left to right (back row):
Radm. Cooper; Capt. W. E. Ellis; Capt. A. R. Matter;
Cdr. C. N. Conatser, Saratoga XO;
(front row) Cdr. R. W. Windsor; Lt. W. W. Bowers;
Lt. S. T. Peddy; Lt. S. A. Kauflin; and Lt. W. A. Gureck.

Blue Angels Alumni Association Note: Lt. William "Bill" Gurect was a Blue Angels team member prior to this photo in 1955 flying the #2 position and in 1956 flying the #4 position.

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