Boeing Field


Jason Fortenbacher & Sister, Allison Trichler

Sunday August 6, 2000

I have some pictures I took with a digital camera and wanted to know if you would like copies of them. The only problem with them is there is a chain link fence in the way. I took them at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, right next to where they are parked, by the Museum of Flight. There is NO PLACE around that entire airport that DOESN'T have the fence around it. The only way you can avoid it is by standing on top of a car (which we did when they were on the runway). There are a few that are pretty good. I just want to give you some pictures because I like these guys SO MUCH!!!!!!

Capt. Pat Driscoll

Lcdr. Scott Moyer

Jason Fortenbacher
& Sister
Allison Trichler


These are definitely some of the BEST in flight pictures my sister took because, as I said, the first day during their arrival maneuvers was the only time it was mostly sunny. And, these all are of the arrival maneuvers and there are some good shots of "Boss" flying overhead!


I would like to thank
Jason Fortenbacher & his sister, Allison Trichler
for sending us these photos to share with you.