Photos by
LCol. A H "Pete" Stevens,
Royal Canadian Navy Reserve

Submitted by his son, Capt. C M Stevens
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1968 Blue Angels

I have a series of photos that my father took in B&W of the Blue Angels. My father was Lieutenant Colonel A H Stevens, CD and was the Medical Officer for HMCS Chippawa (Royal Canadian Navy Reserve) at the time. These photos show USN Blue Angels F11 Tigers, a two-seater Cougar, Pod # 10 and the Constellation support aircraft. The photos were taken on the flight line, not during a typical air show. I also have some other negatives taken at this time, but they had technical problems.

Interestingly my father's father, Capt. W. A. Stevens, Royal Flying Corps, had instructed USN flyers in aerial gunnery in Fort Worth, Texas in 1917-1918 on Curtis JN-4 "Jenny" aircraft.

I suspect that the photos would have been taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1968, but I cannot be sure.

Captain Colin Macgregor Stevens, CD

I would like to thank

Captain Colin Macgregor Stevens, CD

For the use of these photographs.