NAS Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Photo by George Taylor

This picture was taken when I wore a younger man's clothes! I remember getting off the school bus on Thursday; I knew the Blue's were coming to NAS Atlanta, and was all set to go Saturday when a blue jet came screaming over the house!! Now, I had not known of the practice shows before, so I was quite surprised. I had been going to the base on the weekends to watch the planes takeoff, and a very kind SP at the gate always knew me and always let me in, he always put down a location that I was supposedly going to! I ran to Mom and said, quick we gotta go!

I went to the gate, the ever present SP smiled and said, "I wondered when you were going to get here" After the practice show, I blended in with the VIP's and walked onto the flight line.

....Eddie Hart

I would like to thank

Eddie Hart

For the story and George Taylor for the use of his photo.