San Francisco, CA,
Photos by
Kevin W. Hecteman
October 7-8, 2006

It's not a full-justice Blue Angels show without the Bert. Here's Fat Albert in the midst of his high-speed pass.

I'm on the starboard side of the flying bridge, and here comes the Delta from the port side, setting up for the Delta Loop Break. Look just above the gyrocompass repeater

This could be one of the best I've ever taken from the O'Brien.


Echelon Parade, part two, with one of the world's most famous spanners for a backdrop.

The Diamond 360 on Sunday afternoon. This year, the O'Brien watched the shows from directly to the right of the aerobatics box (as seen from Municipal Pier).

Setting up the Double Farvel. That red-and-white flag to the left informs other ships that we have a pilot on board.

The USS Nimitz at anchor in San Francisco Bay. The Nimitz led the Parade of Ships and launched a pair of Hornets shortly after clearing the Golden Gate Bridge.

We also got the USS Bon Homme Richard. The name these days is worn by an amphibious assault ship.

The destroyer USS John Paul Jones! (That's Fort Mason just to the left of the bow.)

And since I've been sending you Fleet Week pix for years, I thought I'd toss in one of myself. This one was taken Sunday morning, Oct. 8, while the Jeremiah O'Brien was steaming toward the Golden Gate. That's yours truly at the wheel.

Kevin W. Hecteman


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I would like to thank
Kevin W. Hecteman
for sharing these photographs with us.