San Francisco, California
October 7 & 8, 2000

Photographs and captioning by Kevin Hecteman

This photo shows the Delta Head-On Opener.

I was on the waterfront, in Aquatic Park in front of the S.F. Maritime Museum, on Saturday, October 7. Thanks to low clouds, the Blues were forced to fly a flat show. Which is not all that bad...first of all, at least they were able to fly, and second of all, the flat show is still a darn good show and a testament to what the pilots could do in adverse conditions.

I really like this one. Dominating the scene are the 1880s-vintage clipper ship Balclutha and the 1920s-1930s-vintage ferryboat Eureka, both on display at the Hyde Street Pier. Above the Eureka, you can see the diamond performing a flat echelon pass.

Here's the Delta, nearing the end of the show, performing a pass-in-review a la the Thunderbirds. That's Alcatraz below them (not really, of course); to the left is Angel Island

 Fat Albert got into the act, too. Here's 'Bert doing a "simulated short-field takeoff." The Balclutha helped make for some interesting photos.

Here's the diamond performing a flat echelon pass past Municipal Pier

Here's one from 1998's show. The diamond is setting up for the Diamond Aileron Roll. The white boat below them is FDR's presidential yacht, the Potomac, now restored and operating out of Oakland.

Here's one from 1999. The diamond is setting up for the Tuck-Under Break (their prettiest maneuver. in my opinion). In the background are a couple of Bay Area landmarks: the town of Sausalito, clinging to the hills just north of the Golden Gate Bridge; in the distance is Mount Tamalpais (aka the Sleeping Maiden).

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I certainly thanks
Kevin Hecteman

for this unique view of the Blues during the
San Francisco Fleet Week Air Shows.