Pensacola, FL. & Augusta, GA.

Sandra Pharr

I took these pictures at Pensacola, FL. and Augusta, Ga. They are from the 1999 Pensacola show and the 2000 Augusta, Pensacola Beach and Pensacola Homecoming shows. The picture with the sun in it and planes coming in for a landing was the last landing of the 1999 season. It is titled "LAST PASS OF THE CENTURY" and appeared in the Winter 2000 edition of Wings of Gold, an evolution of which I am extremely proud. I consider it a real honor to have had one of my pictures selected for the official publication of Naval Aviation. The picture of the planes with the seagull, I call "BLUES COMPETE FOR AIRSPACE".

I would like to thank Sandra Pharr for the use of these copyrighted photographs.



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