Rochester, NY
NAS Quonset Point
Rhode Island


Attached are three photos of the Blue Angels Cougar number zero, and Tigers from a 1958 air show at Quonset Point NAS, Rhode Island. Photos were taken by me with a simple Kodak camera at that time. I scanned the images from 8X10 photos I recently made from the negatives in my darkroom. I adjusted the color a bit to try to emulate the true colors of the Blues at that time (as you know, the aircraft color then was a lighter sky-blue than the color of the team today). I first saw the Blue Angels in 1955 or '56 flying the Cougar. What a beautiful airplane that was (is). Even today I don't think there has ever been a more graceful looking aircraft.

Joseph Hall

I would like to thank Mr. Hall for sharing these photographs with us. It's especially fun to get photographs of some of the "old" planes! (especially mine! - Len Mozey)