Photos by Robert Badzinski
October 1955

Blue Angels
6 F9F & 1 TV2

F2H Banshee

F2H Banshee
and ZP4K Blimps

F9F Couger

TV2 Seastar

AD Skyraider

F3D Skynight

The top three photographs of the Blues Angels during an air show at NAS Glynco, Ga. The bottom six are of aircraft that were on static display. Which I believe was during Oct. of 1955. They were flying, I believe for the first time, the F9F-8 Cougar.

Robert Badzinski

Photo taken by and sent to us by Robert Badzinski. We would like to thank him for letting us display his Blue Angel Photos. It is always a pleasure to get new photographs of the older aircraft years. I included his photos of the static displays of other than Blue Angel aircraft just for your enjoyment of seeing the colors of that era.