BuNo 161973

Air Capitol Warbirds LLC
1202 North Oliver, Hangar #L
Newton Kansas 67114

Copyrighted photos from the collection of John S. Freeman
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I was looking through the "Ghost's, Where Are They Now" section, and the F-18 photo section. I found the last one, BuNo 161973 that's at Air Capitol Warbirds LLC, Newton, Kansas, and which is being restored to be for sale, is the same Blue Angel aircraft that I have a photo of in my Webshots section when it was in operation as #1 at the airshow in Harrisburg, Pa, back in 1991.

John S. Freeman

 This F/A-18 is COMPLETE! The aircraft was formally a Blue Angel! The airframe was uncut and is our "JEWEL" aircraft. If you are a serious buyer you can actually call and visit our facility for a viewing.


We are pleased to offer the first and only F-18A. The Hornet is now located in Wichita Kansas and is undergoing restoration for flight. This F-18 is available for viewing to QUALIFIED buyers. This aircraft is currently being offered on a first come first serve basis. First $100 000 (non-refundable) deposit reserves the aircraft. Serious BUYERS only. If you have to ask how much......

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