Combat Air Museum Grumman F-11 Tiger
Long-Nose Version
F-11F Tiger BuNo 141811

Photos from the Combat Air Museum located in Topeka


Here 141811 is shown in fleet colors when it was attached to VF-33 onboard the USS Intrepid. The row of parked A-4 are from VA-66 & VA-76.


Tom Bispo, Blue Angel Alumni from 64-65 contacted Combat Air Museum located in Topeka, Kansas about the F-11 in Blue Angels colors that they had on display. Here is the answer he received, along with this photograph:

This is the information is from Danny J. San Romani, Curator at the Combat Air Museum located in Topeka, Kansas.

F-11F Tiger BuNo 141811

The Tiger we have on exhibit is under a "Perpetual Restriction" loan/donation from GSA/Federal Surplus Property, because it is a combat aircraft. Each year I have to respond to an inventory request through a local federal Surplus Property Office verifying that we still have the aircraft on exhibit and wish to keep it on exhibit. Also, the office periodically sends one of their folks out to visually account for the aircraft and take photos of it.

A few years age, the Museum obtained Xerox copies of the aircraft history cards for 141811, and here is how I interpret the information.

The Navy accepted BuNo 141811 at Bethpage, Long Island, New York on February 4, 1958.

From February 11 - February 15, 1958, it was assigned to FASTRON 5.

From February 15 - March 19, 1961, it was assigned to VF-33, NAS Oceana, VA, and made deployments aboard the USS INTREPID.

From March 1961 - February 24, 1962, it was in storage at Litchfield Park, AZ.

From February 24, 1962 - April 26, 1962, it was with O&R BUWEPS at Cherry Point, NC.

From April 26 , 1962 - February 18, 1965, it was in storage at Litchfield Park, AZ.

From February 18, 1965 - April 14, 1965, it was back to O&R BUWEPS at Cherry Point, NC.

From April 14, 1965 - May 2, 1965, it was with TRARON 23, at Kingsville, TX.

May 2, 1965 it returned to O&R BUWEPS at Cherry Point, NC.

Sometime between May 1965 & July 1965 it was returned to TRARON 23, at Kingsville, TX.

From July 1965 - November 22, 1966, it was with TRATON 26, Chase Field, TX.

From November 22, 1966 - January 3, 1969, it was assigned to NABTC at Pensacola, FL.

From January 3, 1969 - May 1969, It was located at NAS Olathe, KS.

The University of Kansas (KU) acquired 141811 in May 1969 for use in their Aerospace Engineering Department, on site at the Lawrence Municipal Airport. KU had the aircraft until June 1980, when it was transferred to Combat Air Museum and airlifted by a CH-54 Tarhe (Skycrane) helicopter for the Lawrence Airport to Forbes Field.

Notes: Although the photos show 141811 outdoors, the Combat Air Museum now stores the aircraft in their first hanger. This aircraft is known to have been flown by then Lieutenant Hal Loney during the 1967-1968 seasons. Also on display at Combat Air Museum are items on consignment for Hal's personal collection.

Combat Air Museum,Topeka, Kansas.