F11F-1 Short Nose in North Carolina
BuNo. 138619


Above photos taken by and from the collection of Glenn Harrison II.
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This aircraft is from VT- 26 station at NAAS Chase Field, TX. They were an advance jet training squadron, also familiarize new Blue Angels pilots and providing aircraft for the team while the Blues aircraft were being overhauled at Grumman.

The photos of this F11F-1 of a short nose Grumman Tiger, one of only 42 built. It started off being called F9F-9 and later being changed to the F11F-1. This is also the same version that shot itself down. While in a test firing its guns in a dive it cough to it's own bullets shooting itself down.

A big thanks to Glenn Harrison II for taking & sending them to me. This F11F was not flown by the Blue Angels. Tom Bispo (Blue Angel '64-'65)