Quonset Air Museum
Quonset Point, Rhode Island
A-4F BuNo 155027

A flight of A4 Skyhawks from VF-43 'Challengers'

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A4 Skyhawk team finished her just in time for the Quonset Air Show!

Photo taken by and from Mike Jackson (Tin knocker) TSgt USAF Ret.

Any enlisted man or woman who has served with the Blue Angels can appreciate the time and the hard work that has gone into the polishing of the leading edges. There is a lot of hard work when you get a aircraft from the fleet and have to polishing of the leading edges, they don't come all cleaned up. Mike would make a Great Blue Angel.

It takes a lot of money to restore an aircraft. If you can send some money to help out here is the address.

A-4F project: C/O Quonset Air Museum
488 Eccleston Ave.
North Kingstown, RI 02852

Phone number is 401-294-9540

The Quonset Air Museum volunteer membership disassembled and transported the aircraft from
NAS Oceana, Va. and is on loan from the National Museum of Aviation, Pensacola, Florida.
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Aircraft: A-4F Skyhawk
Custodian: VF-43
BuNo: 155027
modex: 26
Location: Oceana, VA
Date: 01 August 1989

Challengers (VF-43) A-4F #26 takes off from NAS Oceana.

Photo credit:
PH2 Trombecky

Photo Courtesy of the SKYHAWK ASSOCIATION http://www.skyhawk.org/


This is the patch of
VF 43

This is the patch that the
A4 drivers wore

The Museum's A-4F, U.S. Navy Bureau Number: 155027. This aircraft is a veteran of the Vietnam conflict having served with U.S. Navy Attack Squadron VA-164 'Ghostriders' while assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Hancock. Additionally the aircraft also served with the US Navy's Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) as an Aggressor aircraft. The aircraft last served with VF-43 'Challengers' the East Coast Aggressor Training Squadron, which was based at NAS Oceana, Va.

Note: December 12, 1975:
Attack Squadron ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR (VA-164) was disestablished at NAS Lemoore.

Note: This A4-F Skyhawks was not flown by the Blue Angels.


The Blue Angels Alumni would like to thank the Quonset Air Museum for promoting the spirit of the Blue Angels, and for the use of these photographs.

-- Tom Bispo